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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead

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Joyanne Sloan

So how would YOU want to change the world starting in your own small corner of it? What would you do IF you could? For me, Go Bothell is my dream of being the change I seek. The idea for this website first occurred to me in January 2011  as I took my best friend on a tour of all my favorite place around the Northshore area. We had an incredible day browsing the boutiques in Country Village and ended up wine tasting in Woodinville with many stops in between. The experience got me to thinking about how much I’ve loved this area since moving here almost 15 years ago.

All for one, one for all

Go Bothell service area

We serve a 5 mile radius around Bothell WA: click the map to see a larger version

As you know, every community has myriad components that make up the whole but, in my opinion, it is the local businesses that are the lifeblood of the place we call home; the vibrancy of which impacts the well being of the entire community. Indeed, no one wants to live in place where the energy is low, the moral even lower and a sense of hopelessness permeates the general atmosphere.

The greater Bothell area, however, has a unique opportunity to absolutely THRIVE in the coming years which puts us in an enviable position in many respects, particularly considering the general economic atmosphere across the country. Right now, as we begin our huge downtown transformation, is THE perfect time to pull together our collective intelligence and mutual commitment to creating an online community that drives offline commerce and engagement with leaders and civic organizations around the Northshore. Of course, the personal connections and relationships that grow out of that community are just icing on the cake and give everyone an enduring sense of place and belonging.

My background with Marketing Co-ops

More than 20 years ago, when I started my first business in advertising/marketing, I was given the opportunity to bid on a national scale advertising project for a group of independent office products dealers. At the time, many of them were going out of business because they faced huge pricing pressures as Staples and Office Depot first came into existence. And back then, the web was very new to the average person and small business owners struggled (just like today) to figure out how to use this complex marketing tool.

Those independent dealers made a key decision to band together and pool all of their buying resources into a billion dollar buying cooperative; giving ALL OF THEM them huge LEVERAGE to go to the product manufacturers and secure the same discounts as there deep-pocket competitors. The key to their success was TOGETHERNESS and INCLUSIVITY which also governed how they did their marketing.

So you could say that I’ve spent my career empowering small business owners by creating effective, turn-key solutions that gave them the visibility and lead generation they so desperately needed. And now, fast forward two decades, it occurs to me that really very little has changed for the average, hard-working person with a dream to succeed in the world of business.

Change is in the air

As millions of Americans occupy Wall Street in their shared desire to create needed change, the rest of us are at least aware that something has to be done to make a difference for our local merchants struggling to survive on Main Street against the giant box stores and offshore corporations that continue to take critical market share away from neighborhoods businesses.

So the driving benefit of Go Bothell is LEVERAGE for area business owners and northshore residents alike. Our readers get to find all the things happening in their neighborhood in a single go-to destination (the ‘Local Guide’ part of this site) without having to surf around to find places to go and things to do with their family and friends.

There is also huge leverage for our area entrepreneurs because Go Bothell provides a powerful platform (the ‘Business Directory’) for accessing a significantly larger audience than they could ever hope to attract individually. What nearly every small business owner faces is the incredible difficulty of competing online for any sizable slice of the overall traffic pie. Individually, they waste untold sums on Internet Marketing with very little to show for their money. The experience is dis-empowering to them on many levels and depletes their critical resources.

It’s time for real results

Indeed, the biggest problem Go Bothell solves for the typical business owner is making them self visible online to attract, convert and retain customers and profits. And, because joining forces provides real power, the entire solution becomes extremely affordable and thereby sustainable for everyone. Sustainable prosperity for all…. that’s an idea whose time has come!

The architecture of the site is based on the foundation of a business directory with a content-rich component that drives search engine traffic through the application of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On top of that we offer FREE listing for local events, jobs and more. Our goal is to give EVERY one a powerful platform to “get the word out” whether you’re a grass roots organization or someone who’d like to help a neighbor in need. The point is that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED…. and we ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We can provide Northshore area businesses a real web presence regardless of whether or not they have a website of their own. And, more importantly, by combining and sharing our content from a single domain, we create a far more effective alternative than everyone creating their own stand-alone website and then struggling to get it to rank highly with the search engines.

In order to keep drawing readers back to the businesses directory, we syndicate the following multiple times per week:

  • job postings
  • real estate listings
  • community spotlights
  • event listings
  • local discounts

and much more

While I don’t endorse any particular position or political standpoint, the following movie is worth sharing with you because it really captures my own motivation for creating this site for me, my family, for you and your family….